Corporate News

  • Phanes Group sponsoring "ZIMDABA London 2017 Investment Forum"
    • Phanes Group will be sponsoring the “ZIMDABA London 2018 Investment Forum”, 15-16 March, at the Royal Geographical Society. We are looking forward to contributing to an emerging renewable sector under the new administration.

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    Mar 15 2018

  • Electrifying the African Continent: An Interview with the Nigerian Tribune
    • Our CEO, Martin Haupts, shares his insights with the Nigerian Tribune on renewable energy, and on electrifying the African continent.

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    Mar 4 2018

  • On-Grid Solar in Nigeria: Two Years After the PPAs
    • Our CEO, Martin Haupts, discusses the current state of on-grid solar PV in Nigeria with Solarplaza.

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    Feb 25 2018

  • The Making Solar Bankable 2018 Conference in Amsterdam
    • Phanes Group is pleased to announce it will be present in Amsterdam, Netherlands on Feb 15-16 for Solarplaza's Making Solar Bankable event. We are looking forward to meeting partners, existing and potential, and discussing the latest PV solar trends in emerging markets. Get in touch if you're attending and send your requests to info@phanesgroup.com

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    Feb 8 2018

  • Phanes Group Officially Launches Partnership with Power Africa
    • We’re pleased to announce that Phanes Group has officially launched a partnership with Power Africa – a U.S. Government-led initiative focused on increasing power access in sub-Saharan Africa. In line with our commitment to the electrification of the region and to the opportunity that solar energy represents, we’re excited to work together with Power Africa in achieving its goal of adding more than 30,000 megawatts of electricity generation capacity and 60 million new home and business connections by 2030.

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    Feb 1 2018

  • Winning candidate of Phanes Group Solar Incubator 2017 – Marlon Dos Santos from Mozambique
    • We’re excited to announce the winner of the 2017 Phanes Group Solar Incubator: Marlon Dos Santos, developing the Kitaka Solar Project (50 MW) in Mozambique. We would like to thank all our finalists for their outstanding presentations, as well as Solarplaza who hosted our event, and the members of our esteemed evaluation panel who brought their expertise in making what was indeed a very difficult decision.

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    Oct 26 2017

  • The Phanes Group Solar Incubator: Your Bridge to Bankable PV Solar
    • In this LinkedIn Op-Ed article, Phanes Group's CEO Martin Haupts discusses the Solar Incubator initiative, and the need to support the development of Africa's renewable energy infrastructure.

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    Sep 26 2017

  • Phanes Group Solar Incubator - Interview with CEO Martin Haupts
    • In this video interview, Phanes Group's CEO Martin Haupts explains the Phanes Group Solar Incubator initiative. Apply now! We're accepting entries until October 1, 2017.

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    Sep 24 2017

  • RINA Consulting Joins Phanes Group Solar Incubator
    • We’re delighted to announce that RINA Consulting has joined the Phanes Group Solar Incubator, adding to the strong line-up of expertise represented by our partners. If you haven’t yet applied, visit our page and submit your application today!

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    Sep 5 2017

  • Launch of the Phanes Group Solar Incubator
    • We’re excited to announce the launch of the Phanes Group Solar Incubator 2017, aiming to help you bring your sub-Saharan Africa PV project to financial close - joining forces with top-tier partners such as Proparco, responsAbility, Hogan Lovells, and Solarplaza. Get your PV project funded and drive it to financial close. Be supported by key industry players and receive mentoring from them. Give back to the local community and make a difference. Entries close October 1, 2017; visit the Solar Incubator page through the link below, and apply now!

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    Aug 30 2017