Boki, Niger

Building on Phanes Group’s expertise, our team provided electricity to 120 households and a population of over 2,600 through a Mini-Grid project powered through a 28 KW solar PV with storage plant in Boki, Niger. Our challenge was to manage and coordinate with numerous stakeholders to develop, construct and deliver solar energy to Boki village inhabitants in a tight timeline.

The social impact of our initiative has been huge: presence of electricity in the village has shifted the daily village inhabitant’s life increasing night security and entrepreneurship. The project serves as a model for future Phanes Group Mini-Grid solar projects throughout the African continent. 

Key Project Development Deliverables:

  • Project screening involving Nigerien authorities 
  • Site visit with technical and social assessment
  • CAPEX & OPEX assessment
  • Permitting
  • Logistics and Construction
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Project social and environmental impact assessment
  • Implementation of payment solution for micro grid solutions
  • Off-grid solar solutions with storage capability


28 KW



1 km

mini-grid network



households connected