We launched our CSR activities in 2016. Coming from a utility perspective, we recognized that delivering CSR embedded in a comprehensive for-profit business model can be beneficial for both communities and the business. 

Therefore, we have made our CSR strategy an integral part of our business model to enable as many communities as possible to profit from access to stable and clean energy at a price they can afford.


Our projects are positioned to achieve economic and social growth while creating a positive environmental impact. We integrate our financial and technical experience to deliver initiatives that contribute to the development of local communities and their independence from unreliable and costly diesel generators.

Economic Development

  • Localization of supply chain in project build and operations
  • Job creation and skills transfer
  • Local ownership in project structures

Social Initiatives

  • Engaging with communities to identify opportunities for community development
  • Deliver distributed solar energy adapted to local needs

Environmental Commitment

  • Compliance with environmental regulations and best practice
  • Achieving climate adaptation objectives and climate change mitigation
  • core business activities
  • Rural electrification initiatives

Rural Electrification

In line with our mission to electrify new markets, we recognized the powerful opportunity to pair our core activities in clean energy with other complementary off-grid and distributed solar energy solutions.

Our intention is to roll out multiple off-grid initiatives alongside our utility-scale developments, to maximize the impact of individual projects and provide clean, reliable and affordable energy to rural communities.

Solar-Powered Shipping Containers

We partnered with DP World for a pilot project to deliver a solar powered classroom for SOS Sheikh School in Berbera, Somalia. An empty shipping container was converted and fitted as classroom. Phanes Group donated and installed the solar panels on the rooftop to provide clean electricity.

The classroom was shipped to the school so that the students can have an educational space for different courses, including sustainability. While the container will supply the community with a valuable learning space, our solar energy system provides electricity to power the lighting and charging points for school equipment.


  • Containers can be repurposed into whatever facility is needed the most (primary healthcare centers, community facilities, classrooms, among others)
  • Lighting and ventilation to create a comfortable and practical environment
  • Easy to transport and assemble


Solar-Powered Agricultural Solutions

Recognizing a pressing need for irrigation infrastructure in Africa, we delivered a pilot project to provide cooperative rice farmers in Nigeria with solar-powered water pumps, supporting local agriculture while replacing inefficient and costly diesel generators. The pumps helped to significantly increase the farmers’ agricultural productivity, as irrigation was no longer limited to the availability of diesel. This system can help reduce the need for import of expensive produce and strengthen the self-sustainability of local farmers.


  • The use of solar powered pumps irrigation systems is widespread, using proven, affordable and reliable technology
  • Greater range and functionality than diesel powered pumps
  • Cleaner and less expensive energy source
  • Easy to transport, assemble and operate