what we do

Our development activities are targeted at proprietary project portfolios in Middle East, Africa, and Latin America growth markets that are suitable for the realisation of an Independent Power Producers (IPP) strategy. We favor a Distributed Solar approach.

Our professionals are also experienced in engineering alternative capital structures in markets that do not have easy access to conventional project finance.

This development strategy is complemented from the capital market side, which entails an emphasis on monetization options that support the build-up of IPP portfolios, such as asset securitisation or the issuing of Islamic Green Bonds.

phanes group entities offer synergies
across the value chain

project selection & development

We identify and secure suitable Distributed Solar projects in sun abundant geographies with supportive regulatory regimes.

We work with selected local developers (taking proprietary risk in late development stage) and commercial and/or residential rooftop owners to secure long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), merchant power opportunities or tariff incentives with reputable and credit worthy off-takers.

We prefer markets that support project economics not reliant on government support mechanisms.

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construction & financing

Our technical and commercial teams optimise the design and the equipment selection with life-of-plant warranties in place. We also select a contractor of choice for the construction of solar PV plants to facilitate attractive financing.

Tight construction supervision combined with fixed-price, time limited, turnkey EPC contracts guarantees timely completion of the PV plants.

Access to capital markets for equity funding sources and to banks for project debt financing.

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asset management & monetization

We outsource the day-to-day running of the solar PV plants to experienced and financially strong Operations and Maintenance (O&M) providers, guaranteeing plant availability and plant performance.

Risk management through pro-active issue resolution whilst ensuring compliance with loan covenants.

We have an established client base for exit opportunities with institutional investors seeking PV Solar projects with attractive risk adjusted returns to increase their alternative asset class exposure.

Strategy to operate Independent Power Producing (IPP) portfolios in selected markets.

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emerging markets focus

Phanes Group pursues a distinct focus on the Middle East & Africa and Latin America Markets, where our business model has the most potential for economic and social impact.

Landmark emerging markets projects provide proof-of-concept for Phanes Group's holistic approach to solar - that combining financing & engineering expertise is the key to making a project investable, and that tight coordination across the project value chain gives the agility and speed necessary to adapt to markets where the path has not yet been set.

From offices in Dubai, Switzerland, and South Africa, Phanes Group now maintains a portfolio spanning five geographies worldwide including Chile, the Dominican Republic, the GCC, and Sub-Saharan Africa, with over 70 megawatts in executed solar-capacity and a further gigawatt under development.

Key projects include the Caribbean's largest solar PV project, as well as the largest distributed solar project in the Middle East.

Monte Plata, Dominican Republic 

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Partnering with General Energy Solutions (GES) and Soventix, Phanes Group is now constructing the Caribbean region's largest solar PV Plant, consisting of a 67.7 MW project in the Dominican Republic's Monte Plata region. (Phase I complete; Phase II construction start in 2017).  
Monte Plata is supported by the Dominican government, in line with its target for 25% renewables generation by 2025.

distributed solar competence

Phanes Group believes in Distributed Solar (generating energy close to the lcoation of use; e.g. rooftops), as a source of electricity that offers distinct infrastructural and financing advantages:

  • Solution for markets with weak infrastructure given no long-distance transfer of electricity.
  • Less planning risk and complexity compared to centralized sources.
  • Less intrusive for communities and the environment.


We understand Distributed Solar, and know how to make it work in challenging emerging-market environments:

  • Technical team with decades of experience in the specificities of rooftop installations.
  • Specialization in managing multiple installation sites in parallel.
  • Proven "Distributed-Specific" methodology, including contract structure, stakeholder communications, and project execution.

DP World, United Arab Emirates

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Phanes Group is currently delivering Phase I of the Middle East's largest rooftop solar project, for DP World - one of the world's largest marine terminal operators. 

UK Housing Association Portfolio

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In the UK, Phanes pioneered the application of PV microgeneration systems for public-sector landlords - delivering one of the UK's largest residential rooftop systems.

in-house asset construction capabilities

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Launched in 2016, Oryx Solar System Solutions LLC brings together an experienced international team of engineering, design, construction, and project management experts for the construction and execution of distributed solar projects.

Bringing In-House Asset Construction Under the Phanes Group Umbrella:
  • Muscle to oversee the implementation of projects, ensuring quality and efficiency. Brings Phanes Group complete management of the project value chain - ensuring tight risk management.
  • Emerging-markets expertise:  team with strong track record of successfully delivering complex projects in demanding environments, especially those in which such required experience is not available otherwise.
  • Currently delivering the Middle East region's largest distributed solar project for DP World - one of the largest marine terminal operators in the world.

strategic focus on africa

Phanes Group has inaugurated in 2016 a dedicated Regional Headquarters in South Africa - its first satellite office worldwide.

Phanes Group's team are qualified in engineering, economics, and finance - all with extensive renewable energy experience across the continent and a breadth of capabilities including:

  • Strategy Development & Advisory
  • Business Development Management
  • Opportunity Identification & Feasibility Assessment
  • Project Management
  • IPP Development
  • Commercial & Financial Negotiations to Secure Bankable Projects

From its Dubai and South Africa offices, Phanes Group is currently developing a pipeline of over 600 MW in Africa, consisting of key projects each representing "cornerstones" to their respective countries' renewables development.

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